Senate Bill 916

At the request of:(at the request of Oregon Lyme Disease Network)

Chief Sponsors:

Regular Sponsors: Health Care

Bill Title:Relating to Lyme disease;

Catchline/Summary: Directs Oregon Medical Board and Oregon State Board of Nursing to adopt rules regarding diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease. 

Key text: As of April the following has occured

Delete lines 4 through 19 of the printed bill and insert: “SECTION 1. The Oregon Health Authority, the Oregon Medical Board and the Oregon State Board of Nursing shall study clinical guidance regarding Lyme disease and the health outcomes related to the clinical guidance and shall report finding

so the following is not longer applicable:

 a) Permit professionals regulated by the boards to diagnose and treat, in manners consistent with the standards of care guidelines developed by the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society, Lyme disease and associated viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases; and (b) Establish disciplinary procedures that consider as a mitigating factor whether, in diagnosing or treating Lyme disease or associated diseases, a professional who is facing discipline followed evidence-based diagnosis and treatment guidelines not recognized by the boards

Summary: the original bill has been amended, but the issues of  protection of "lyme literate" providers will likely return.

Text (pdf)

Status:  In committee upon adjournment of the 2015 session.


Senate Bill 298

At the request of:(at the request of Governor John A. Kitzhaber, M.D., for State Board of Massage Therapists)

Chief Sponsors:

Regular Sponsors:

Bill Title: Relating to therapeutic touching;.

Catchline/Summary: Requires regulation of bodywork in same manner that law currently regulates massage.

Defines "bodywork." Changes name of State Board of Massage Therapists to State Board of Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers. Excludes community colleges and accredited colleges and universities from definition of "massage facility." Increases number of class hours required for licensure as massage therapist or bodyworker. Authorizes board to require licensed massage therapists and licensed bodyworkers to acquire or renew endorsement before practicing advanced technique of massage or bodywork. 

Includes the fiction "Using touch to affect the energy systems or channels of energy of the body;"  which do not exist. 

Text (pdf)

Status:  The  sbovr lsnguage removed and they added "(b) “Massage,” “massage therapy” and “bodywork” do not include the use of high velocity, short-amplitude manipulative thrusting procedures to the articulations of the spine or extremities." was added.  Chiropractors protecting their turf. 

Signed into law.