Oregonians for Science-Based Medicine is a service/outreach of the Society for Science-Based Medicine.  To find more information about SfSBM and its Board Members visit the site.

Our Story

In 2014 I, along with David Gorski, Steven Novella,  Harriet Hall and Jann Bellamy, started the Society for Science-Based Medicine.  Our goal was to become a central repository for information about the world of pseudo-medicines, usually known as integrative, complementary or alternative medicine.

SfSBM has a limitation: it is informational in its concept, not activist.  People need to seek out our information, we do not proactively deliver information to those who may need it, such as state legislatures where much of the laws governing the practice of pseudo-medicines are drafted.

To counter this problem we have decided to operate local chapters for the purpose of addressing issues of pseudo-medicine before the state legislatures.

I have lived and practiced in Oregon for most of my life and have watched the slow infiltration of useless pseudo-medicines into health care both through the legislature and the health care system.  

Information is not enough.  We need to act.  Tip O'Neil famously said "All politics is local."   So Oregonians for Science-Based Medicine.  We hope this will be a model for others.

If you would like to join the cause, go to sfsbm.org.

Mark Crislip MD

President, Society for Science-Based Medicine